"Voice work is for everybody"

Patsy Rodenburg (1992)

Voice work is all about building awareness in the body in order to find a voice that sustains us, helps us clearly express our thoughts and ideas and which represents who we are. I give you the tools to connect with a breath that feels powerful and grounded, a balanced posture and therefore, a voice that resonates to its full potential.

We all pick up unhelpful habits on the journey of life. Habits that have helped us in someway in the past but are now blocking the path to an expressive and perhaps, genuine voice. Voice work helps you identify these habits and learn to let them go, so that you can truly stand in your power.

In today’s world, there is so much president on appearance and aesthetics, yet the voice plays a huge role in representing who we are. It so often gets overlooked.Voice work gives people the chance to discover their ‘sound’, in a way they may never have heard before. It is like opening a new door in your house and discovering a whole new room!

Voice work really is for everyone.

One to ones

Have you ever lost your voice after a night out? Felt pain in the throat after a presentation? Unable to relax your breath when giving a talk and overcome with nerves? Are you a teacher and feel tired in your voice at the end of the week? Are you an actor who has been doing TV a while and in need of some top up voice classes to get you stage ready? Do you have a voice issue and have been to an ENT specialist, been given an inconclusive diagnosis and you are still experiencing problems? Do you dislike your voice and feel it does not represent who you are and what you are expressing?

If any of these ring true for you, perhaps you would benefit from some one to one voice sessions. In these sessions, I work to gain a full picture of you and your vocal and body use, give you exercises to unpick unhelpful habits, working to free the voice, and then give you tools to strengthen the voice so that it supports rather than hinders you.

There are multiple reasons for inefficient vocal use and many of the physical habits we pick up that create blockages with our connection to our voice, are psychological. “Matter for the analyst” as Macneice says. However, going in through physical exercises to release some of these tensions, can release these stubborn traumas in the body. Voice work can feel vulnerable when the process begins but the result is that we feel far more powerful by the end. Looking to gain:

"Minimum effort, maximum effect"

My method comes from an MA in Voice Studies: Teaching and Coaching at The Royal Central School of Speech and Drama, a three year BA actor training at Guildhall under Patsy Rodenburg and my first certificate in ESTILL. I integrate a lot of Alexander Technique into my work, as I find this to be incredibly useful in helping people find a posture that works for them their entire lives. As well as the continued professional development I do with leading voice practitioners in the field.

Workshops and Classes

I work in a number of drama schools teaching voice and singing, run workshops in a corporate setting, as well as free-lance one-off workshops specialising in voice on a variety of themes.

Currently I am regularly teaching Voice and Singing at Rose Bruford and Fourth Monkey Drama Schools. I have recently run workshops on Feminist Text and Voice. I have a keen interest in vocal harmony and improvisation, integrating some of this work into my current practices as well as looking to run workshops that solely focus this theme.

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Voice and Presentation Skills for Business

I teach voice and presentation workshops for businesses that are tailored for each team’s needs. I mostly work with Organisation Development Consultancy, Living Deliberately, delivering workshops that give teams and individuals the skills to communicate more effectively as well as breaking some of their own personal barriers.

Please get in touch if you are interested in what I can do for your team.

Accent Clarity for ESL Speakers

I teach one to one sessions for people looking for clarity and pronunciation coaching when speaking English as a second language. Using accent and articulation coaching techniques and previous experience working as a TEFL teacher, these sessions look to increase awareness and control of individual sounds, intonation and other needs. They are fun, informative and active. Please get in touch with any questions.

Singer, Voice Teacher, Singing Teacher, Musician

Qualifications: BA in Acting from Guildhall, MA Voice from Royal Central School of Speech and Drama